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Inventory search.

I want to thank the Court of Appeals for reaffirming the requirement of a search warrant to look inside closed containers, absent exigent circumstances, in the context of an inventory search. Should shave at least five years off my client’s

Criminal Impersonation in the Second Degree.

Finished a Criminal Impersonation in the Second Degree jury trial today. Which is a weird crime. Statute¬†indicates “[a] person is guilty…if the person (a)(i) Claims to be a law enforcement officer or creates the impression that he or she is

Two word verdicts.

The most satisfying sort of verdict in a criminal matter for defense attorneys are those in which the the jury provides a two word verdict.


In 2011, I founded FT Law, P.S. with William Ferrell. In early 2016, Mr. Ferrell moved on to another phase in his life. As such, the firm reorganized such that I am now the sole owner of and attorney with